A Zaful Bikini Haul

If you guys are avid readers of my blog, which thank you x1000 if you are, you’d know that I recently took a trip to Walt Disney World. Unfortunately though when I got back I had a pretty hard time adjusting to going from a week of 80’s and pure sunshine back to 30’s, clouds, & rain that is New York in the wintertime.

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I tried pretty hard to beat those post-vacation blues, and one thing I turned to was retail therapy (don’t judge me, we’ve all been there!) Because ya know, a girl can dream that she’s still soaking in the sun underneath the palm trees.

One site I knew I wanted to try out for bikinis was Zaful. I’ve been eyeing their bikinis for so long, but since I had never ordered from them before I was a little skeptical. I’m sure we’ve all had a fair share of online ordering disasters, and I didn’t want this to turn out that way.

However, I read some reviews for the site and they all seemed pretty positive. I figured I’d give them a try, and I’m beyond excited that I did!

I purchased 5 bikinis from Zaful and I immediately fell in love with every single one of them. They all fit perfectly, were exactly how they looked online, and are super comfortable and flattering.

I knew I immediately wanted to show them off to you guys!

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Low Waisted Padded Scoop Bikini

Zaful Bikini Haul

The first bikini I purchased was this low waist scoop bikini set in this really pretty powder blue color.

When I go bathing suit shopping I tend to gravitate towards black or colors that I can never seem to find a match for, so this time I tried to be aware of that and switch it up a bit. I don’t own any blue bikinis and thought that this shade of blue was just so pretty so I decided to go with it.

I love the material, it’s not the normal material you usually see bikinis made out of, but it’s really soft and comfy and I love it. According to the site it’s made from Polyester – so if you know what that feels like then you can get an idea of how this bikini feels, haha! (I wouldn’t know…at all)

I also loved the top of this one. I’m not a big fan of normal halter or triangle bikini tops because I feel like they just don’t look good on me. Don’t get me wrong I do love the style of them, just not for me. I feel like tops this shape are much more flattering on me and I’m often drawn to them when bikini shopping.

The bottoms aren’t a thong but they’re definitely a bit cheeky and they look really cute on. Besides, suns out bums out!

Push Up Plunge Bathing Suit

Zaful Bikini Haul

The second bikini I purchased was this plunge suit.

It says online that it’s push up but I think the reason why it says that is because of the underwire. Besides that there’s no like super amount of padding in it or anything that would actually push your boobs up, so I personally wouldn’t say it’s push up. I’m not a huge fan of push up tops anyway though so I was fine with it.

Online it says this bikini is gray but you can tell in the picture and also in person that there’s a hint of blue in there, I wouldn’t say it’s completely gray. Regardless the color is super pretty and would definitely go well if you want to mix and match it with other colors.

I’m just imagining this color being paired with a contrasting shade like a turquoise – and judging by putting this picture next to the bikini below it you can tell that would look amazing!

When it comes to the bottoms these ones are definitely more cheeky than the first bikini I showed and are definitely closer to a thong – but that means they’re perfect for tanning your bum!

I have absolutely nothing against cheeky bikinis and I (clearly) love to wear them myself. I just figured it’s important to warn you guys since I am posting this in hopes that I can inspire you on your next bikini shopping spree. I wouldn’t want to hide things about how the bikini looks and then have you purchase it and it totally not be what you expected!

The description says the material of this bikini is nylon, so I’m assuming that’s what normal bathing suits are made out of because it feels like a normal one haha. This is definitely my favorite one out of the 5, I’ve never seen a top like this and I think it’s really cute.

High Cut Bandeau Bathing Suit

Zaful Bikini Haul

This bikini is super simple, but it’s still really cute. And now I’m realizing that I strayed away from purchasing just black bikinis, and apparently moved on to purchasing all blue bikinis – whoops!

The reason I really liked this bikini is because there’s not a lot going on with it so it’s perfect for tanning. It’s strapless and there isn’t anything added onto it like fringe or crocheting or anything so it won’t leave any weird tan lines or anything like that.

I’m not sure why the description online says the color is “pinkish blue” because it’s literally not pink at all, haha. The color looks exactly like it does online which is a really pretty aquamarineish color – not even the slightest bit of pink.

I also really like that this top comes with a removable strap because though strapless tops are perfect for tanning, sometimes you need a strap to help hold it up so you don’t lose it in the ocean (and you’re super lucky if that’s never happened to you!)

Again the material of this feels like normal swimsuit material, and the bottoms are just like the first bikini. They’re definitely cheeky, but not a thong.

Spaghetti Strap Low Waisted Bikini

Zaful Bikini Haul

I’m finally switching it up on you guys – a yellow bikini! I knew I could do it!

Again this bikini is the exact color it looks online which is a really pretty mustard yellow (apparently this color looks phenomenal on olive skin tones so that’s why I got it, and it definitely did not disappoint!)

I’m imagining laying on the beach with a super deep tan wearing this because I have a feeling this color will look phenomenal on tan skin.

When it comes to the bottoms I absolutely love them. The straps are thin which I love because again that makes it a good bikini to tan in, and they’re also not overly cheeky. Cheeky for sure, but not like a thong, just like the last pair.

And, by the way, all of these bikini tops so far have had adjustable straps. Even the bandeau one, since it has a removable halter strap that ties.

When I first tried the first bikini on I immediately panicked because I thought it was going to be way too small on me, but it turns out they just had the straps adjusted to be as tight as they go, so just adjust them to fit you!

Bandeau Leopard Print Bikini

Zaful Bikini Haul

I don’t often buy bikinis that have prints or patterns, so this was definitely a bit out of my comfort zone. I really liked the pattern though so I went with it. It’s super cute in person too, so I’m happy with my decision!

This bikini is definitely more of a thong so if you’re not into freeing the cheeks I wouldn’t go for this one.

Again though, this style bottom makes it perfect for tanning! And on top of the bottoms being minimal coverage, the top is also a bandeau style, so again there aren’t lots of straps and add-ons to leave behind weird tan lines. Unlike the other bandeau top though this one does not come with a removable strap.

I also love that although it has a pattern, it’s black and white and the pattern isn’t too extreme. Because of this you can easily mix and match either half with almost any other top and bottoms – aka it’ll feel like you own even more bikinis than you actually do, and we all know there’s nothing wrong with that!

Because of the pattern this one was in a close tie with the “push-up” bikini for being my favorite, but like I said I’ve never seen a bikini with the style top that the other one has so that one is still definitely my favorite.

My Experience with Zaful

If you’re looking to get some new bikinis before the summer gets to us, I highly suggest you purchase from Zaful! My experience with this company was great and I’ll definitely be purchasing from them again in the (near) future.

All 5 bikinis I received are extremely cute, super affordable, and I didn’t have to wait forever for them to get to me in the mail (and I chose standard shipping), and that’s always a plus.

Nothing is worse than being super excited for something you purchased and then having to wait forever for it to finally get to you.

I also love how this site has so many different styles, colors, patterns, and types of bikinis. They sell so many that I’ve never seen before, unlike so many other companies out there whose bikinis look like everyone else’s. I know I keep going back to that push-up plunge suit but seriously, how cute is it?! And I’ve literally never seen that style bikini top anywhere else, so I’m super happy with my decision to give Zaful a try.

Time for YOU to Shop

I hope I’ve inspired you to go on your own bikini shopping spree! And don’t forget to always be shopping through Ebates! I actually got paid for this purchase because I shopped through Ebates and made money just for shopping, so if you fell in love with these bikinis just as much as I did, why wouldn’t you want to get paid to shop for them?

Let me know in the comments below if you have any big plans for the summer (I know, it’s only March, but there’s nothing wrong with daydreaming!) And if you purchase any bikinis from Zaful I’d love to see which ones you go with! I honestly had such a hard time choosing which ones to buy because I had 37 saved to my wishlist…whoops.

You know what that means though, I’ll just have to buy some more!!!


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