Your Ultimate Guide to Tailwind: A Foolproof Way to Increase Your Audience

If you’re a blogger Pinterest should definitely be at the top of your priority list. Leveraging the power of Pinterest is a surefire way to drive traffic straight towards your blog, and there’s one specific strategy that will literally explode your page views and take your traffic to the next level. And with more page views comes, you guessed it, more opportunities to monetize your site.

Tailwind Increase Audience

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You don’t have to be getting millions of readers a week to successfully monetize your blog, yet there’s no denying that all the big bloggers out there swear by Pinterest.

By staying active on Pinterest you’re encouraging readers to head over to your site, but honestly staying active on this account can take up all your time and be a pain.

When you have sooo many other things to do as a blogger sometimes pinning things on Pinterest can fall to the bottom of your to do list. Enter Tailwind. Tailwind is a site that does all the Pinterest work for you. From creating a schedule of all the best times to pin to literally pinning for you, Tailwind is an absolute game changer.

With Tailwind your page views will spike and you’ll soon learn that it’s absolutely vital to your Pinterest game as well as your blog.

I haven’t been using Tailwind for that long yet and I’ve already seen a dramatic increase in my Pinterest growth as well as my blog’s audience growth, and I’m here to share with you exactly how to use Tailwind to your advantage.

Let’s dive in!

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Correctly Set Up Your Pinterest

Before we get started with Tailwind, there are some basics you’re going to want to cover with setting up your Pinterest account.

  • Make sure your Pinterest account is a business account
  • Enable rich pins – find out how to do that HERE
  • Make sure you’re pinning high quality, vertical images

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Tailwind 101

In a nutshell Tailwind is a Pinterest marketing tool. By taking advantage of Tailwind’s many resources, you can:

  • Increase your Pinterest following
  • Increase your blog audience
  • Join Tailwind tribes and grow a more engaged audience

Tailwind is going to take all the (time consuming) stress out of growing your Pinterest. All you have to do is sign up and then Tailwind literally does all the work for you.

What Does Tailwind Have to Offer?

Tailwind seriously exploded my Pinterest account. I gained a ton of new followers simply by signing up and using Tailwind’s resources to my advantage. Here are some things Tailwind has to offer:

  • A FREE trial that lets you try out almost every single one of their resources
  • Tailwind tribes which will boost your pin engagement and performance
  • An optimized pinning schedule (that you can customize) based on when your Pinterest audience is most engaged
  • The ability to download a Tailwind browser extension for easy pin scheduling
  • The LOW COST of $9.99 a month for unlimited pinning = a cost effective way to explode your Pinterest

Tailwind is a no brainer. It will explode your Pinterest following and draw a more engaged audience towards your blog. Plus, the cost is incomparable to other Pinterest schedulers. You seriously don’t want to miss out on everything it has to offer

To sign up for a FREE TRIAL of Tailwind to get a look at everything it has to offer to explode your Pinterest, click here!

Setting Up Tailwind

Setting up your Tailwind account is a simple process. Follow the steps below and you’ll have your account up and running in no time.

  1. Sign up for Tailwind’s free trial and connect your Pinterest account to it.
  2. Add the Tailwind browser extension to your web browser for easy pinning.
  3. Create your optimized pinning schedule and voila! It’s time to start pinning!

How Tailwind’s Pinning Schedule Works

What I love the most about Tailwind is that once you have your account all set up, it literally does all of the work for you. When it comes to setting up your pinning schedule, Tailwind will find what times your audience is most engaged and base your pinning schedule around that.

You can go back and customize your schedule at any time, whether that means you want to add or take away some time slots, so it’s super easy to stay on top of exactly when you want Tailwind to be pinning for you.

Here’s a look at what my pinning schedule looks like on a Monday:

Tailwind Increase Audience

As you can see, Tailwind will pin content on my Pinterest account 55 separate times on Monday, and it will do so on every exact time you see there.

  • Light green: light green boxes mean Tailwind recommended that time slot for me, and then I added it to my pinning schedule
  • Dark green: dark green boxes mean when my pinning schedule was first made, these are the times Tailwind added to it based on my audience’s engagement
  • White boxes: white boxes mean that time slot is not in my schedule yet, but Tailwind is recommending I add it based on when my audience is most engaged
  • Gray boxes: though not pictured, gray boxes mean that I manually added that time slot to my schedule

Creating Your Tailwind Pinning Schedule

Setting up your own pinning schedule is super easy with tailwind.

  1. After signing up for Tailwind and connecting your Pinterest account, you’ll be taken to your Tailwind dashboard
  2. On the left side of your screen, you’ll see a bunch of icons in a vertical line (a house, 3 people, a megaphone, the earth, etc.)
  3. If you hover over these icons, they’ll expand and you’ll see a more detailed menu
  4. Click on “Publish” next to the picture of the megaphone, and click on your schedule
  5. Next to where it says “Your Weekly Pinning Schedule,” click on “Generate New Smart Schedule”

From here a screen will pop up asking you how many times a day you’d like to post. I suggest anywhere from 50-75 times a day if you want to experience the most growth. After filling in your number, click the green box that says “Generate New Schedule.”

Tailwind Increase Audience

Voila – you just created your Tailwind pinning schedule! It’s really as simple as that. Anytime you’d like to customize your pinning schedule in the future, just come back to this tab in the menu and you can easily add or delete time slots.

Adding Pins to Your Pinning Schedule

Many bloggers suggest that in the beginning you pin 20% of your own content and 80% of others’ content. By doing this, your Pinterest account will gain more traction because you’ll most likely be pinning pins that already have a lot of engagement. Once you gain more followers, you can start pinning more of your own content.

Some places to find content to pin include:

  • Tailwind Tribes
  • Pinterest group boards
  • Facebook groups that create repin threads
  • Your own Pinterest feed using the Tailwind browser extension

What are Tailwind Tribes?

An awesome feature that makes Tailwind my go-to Pinterest scheduler is Tailwind Tribes. Tribes are groups of other bloggers where you can post your pins for other bloggers to repin on their Pinterest accounts, and you can also pin their content too.

Tailwind Increase Audience

To find tribes to join, hover over the picture of the 3 people on the left side of your dashboard, and click on “Tribes.” At the top of your screen you’ll see it says “Find a Tribe.” Click on this and you can find a bunch of tribes to join simply by typing in a few keywords.

Next to where it says “Find a Tribe” you’ll see it says “Your Tribes.” By clicking on that you can see all the tribes you’re a part of and from here you can easily add other bloggers’ content to your Tailwind pinning schedule by clicking the green box on the bottom right of the pin that says “Add to Queue.” Any time you hit that green “Add to Queue” button that pin will be inserted into the next open spot in your pinning schedule.

What makes Tailwind tribes so amazing is that you easily have a huge selection of quality content to repin, which will work wonders for your Pinterest algorithm, and other bloggers can also easily repin your pins. You have the ability to reach a huge audience just by using Tailwind tribes.

Creating Board Lists

Board Lists make it easy for you to add a pin to several different Pinterest boards that that pin will fit into.

For example say you created a pin for a post about blogging and you have several different blogging Pinterest boards that pin will fit into. Simply create a board list and name it something like “Blogging” and add all these boards to the list. Now when you want to add your pin to your Tailwind schedule, all you have to do is click on the “Blogging” board list and your pin will be pinned to every Pinterest board you added into that category.

Here’s how you set it up:

Tailwind Increase Audience

  1. Hover over the picture of the megaphone on the left side of your dashboard and click on “Publish”
  2. Look down and click on “Board Lists”
  3. Click on the dashed box that says “Click to add a list”
  4. In the white box that pops up where it says “New Board list” name your list
  5. Underneath where it says “Type a Board Name” begin typing in the names of boards you have on your Pinterest that you would like to add to this list
  6. When you want to add a pin to this board list, simply type in the name of that list

It’s literally as simple as that, and it saves you a bunch of time rather than having to type in each individual board you’d like to add your pin to.

Adding Your Own Pins to Your Pinning Schedule

Like I mentioned earlier, in the beginning you’re going to want to pin 20% of your own pins and 80% of others’ pins. Once you grow your Pinterest you can start pinning more of your own content. You can use the Tailwind web browser extension to add your own pins to your schedule, or you can do it from Tailwind itself.

Tailwind Increase Audience

  1. Hover over the picture of the megaphone on the left side of the dashboard
  2. Click on “Publish,” then click on “Drafts”
  3. On the left side of the screen you’ll see you can either upload images or schedule from Instagram
  4. Click on “Upload Images” and choose the picture of your pin
  5. Next you’re going to type in any board names (or a board list you created) you want to add that pin to
  6. Enter a description that’s rich in keywords
  7. Click the button to add your pin to any tribes you’re a part of (make sure you follow the rules of the tribe)
  8. Switch the URL you’d like the pin to direct people to
  9. Click on “Add to Queue” at the bottom right

That’s it, that’s all you have to do add pins to your pinning schedule.

Scheduling from iOS

If you know you’re not going to be able to use your laptop for some time there’s no need to worry – Tailwind even allows you to add pins to your Tailwind schedule right from your phone! P.S. as of now this is only offered for iOS.

  1. Download the Tailwind App on your phone and login to your account
  2. Open Pinterest and choose the pin you’d like to schedule
  3. At the top click “Send”
  4. Click Tailwind (if you don’t see it select the “More Apps” button) and add the pin to your Tailwind schedule

Use your free time to schedule pins to your Tailwind pinning schedule right from your phone to make sure you’re always staying active on Pinterest! Click To Tweet

Tailwind Analytics

As if Tailwind couldn’t get any better, it also allows you to check out your Pinterest analytics. You have access to some of these with the free trial, but will get all of them when upgrading to a (extremely affordable) paid account. Either way, the analytics you have access to with a free account will definitely still benefit you!

Tailwind’s analytics allows you to:

  • Use “Board Insights” to see board repins, engagement, and virality
  • Use “Pin Inspector” to see which pins of yours are the most popular and receive the most engagement (and also reschedule those pins if you choose to)
  • Use “Domain Insights” to see the daily amount of pins from your domain

By tracking the analytics of your Pinterest account you can easily see what’s working and what isn’t. This will make it super easy for you to decide what you want to keep doing, and what you have to change.

Is Your Pinterest Strategy Where it Needs to be?

If your Pinterest strategy isn’t working, or you don’t really have much of a Pinterest strategy at all, you have to sign up for Tailwind. For an amazing price you get everything you would need in a Pinterest scheduler in order to explode your Pinterest and attract readers to your blog.

Tailwind will save you time, which you can never get enough of as a blogger, and keep you active on Pinterest without you having to do too much work on your own. And not only will it grow your Pinterest engagement, but it will also tell you exactly what’s working and exactly what needs to be improved.

Sign up for your free trial of Tailwind here and watch your Pinterest explode and your blogging audience grow!

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    Hi Brianna!
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    • 03/04/2018 / 9:47 pm

      Hi Valerie. Wow, thank you so much! I’m so glad I was able to help you with Tailwind and explain it in a way that made sense to you! Thank you so much for letting me know this post was beneficial to you! I will absolutely check out your blog 🙂

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