The Skin Products That Changed My Life

A hot topic amongst many of us is skin. There’s no denying that first impressions really are important, and obviously one of the first things someone notices about you is the way you look.

Skin Products Change Life

For most of my life I was happy with my skin. It definitely was not perfect, but I only suffered from a break out here and there.

However, as I got a bit older my skin started to give me issues. I was breaking out all the time and my acne was leaving behind scars that caused me to want to wear makeup all. the. time. (Pro tip: definitely do not wear makeup all. the. time.!!!!)

I started to really focus on the products I was using, rather than just buying any old skincare products I found on the shelves in CVS. I tried tons of brands, from Bioré, to LUSH products, to ones that were prescribed to me by a dermatologist whose names I couldn’t even pronounce.

Then I decided I was going to really focus on the ingredients that were IN these skin products, and started only purchasing products that were all natural and cruelty free.

And that left me with the products I use now, and I have absolutely never been happier. I’m not going to lie, my skin is absolutely still a work in progress, but these products have literally changed my life and I was seeing results in as little as a few days (and trust me, I really paid attention to how long it took).

Our skin can make or break how we feel about ourselves and our appearance, and while I’m not a dermatologist and I don’t know exactly what will or won’t work for your skin, the least I can do is show you guys which products have worked wonders for me in hopes that they will leave you with skin you can love as well!

P.S. All these products can be purchased directly from their website, OR you can save a few bucks and purchase them from Amazon…because that’s what I did. Cheaper prices paired with free shipping with Amazon Prime and using Ebates to get cash back = happy me and happy you!

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Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs, and Rosewater

The Skin Products That Will Change Your Life

The first item I purchased was this Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs, and Rosewater. I had heard tons of great things about Mario Badescu’s skincare line, and considering the prices were very reasonable I figured I’d give it a try.

I use this spray whenever my face feels a bit dry or I just want a pick-me-up for my skin…aka I use this baby all the time. I use it after doing my morning and nightly skincare routine (more on that later), after yoga (just because I like to), and honestly whenever else I decide I want to smell like roses…which is every minute of every day.

According to the website, this product is good for all skin types and is basically just a great way to revitalize your skin and leave you with a dewy appearance. And, another thing I just found out from their website which I am absolutely going to try is that they suggest leaving it in your fridge for an extra cooling boost…okay, yes. This is happening.

This spray has helped add some life and glow back into my skin, and I’ve noticed that my skin just feels so soft and silky after spraying this on it. I definitely would recommend this product because honestly not many things are better than skincare that helps you glow and leaves you smelling like roses.

Quinn’s Witch Hazel with Rose Petal

The Skin Products That Will Change Your Life

Now I’m going to be honest, it wasn’t until recently that I even knew what toner was. I didn’t realize how important it was to add a toner into your skincare routine, and considering it basically balances and evens out your skin tone, this product is something I should have been using for years already.

But, better late to the game than to never show up at all!

So in my skincare research I found that witch hazel is a good natural toner. Then I found this witch hazel toner that also has rose water in it and I think it was purchased within 10 seconds. Not kidding.

This toner is 100% natural and organic which I love because I’ve found that products that are supposed to be so good for your skin that are dermatologist recommended and are not natural and organic literally suck the life out of my skin and make it 10x worse.

You know what else I love? This toner makes you smell like…you guessed it…roses! (Incase you haven’t realized by now I’m absolutely obsessed with roses…my first tattoo was even 3 roses!)

I use this product as a moisturizer sometimes when my skin is feeling a bit dry, I’ll use it throughout the day when I’m not wearing any makeup and just want to show my skin a bit of love, or I’ll also use it as a makeup remover of sorts. In other words, I basically use this product at any time and for any thing because it’s just that good (just pour a bit on a cotton ball and rub it all over your face and neck).

I love this product because it hydrates my skin without leaving it greasy or oily looking and has really helped to balance out my skin tone and suck any redness out of my face.

Andalou Naturals Clarifying Set

The Skin Products That Will Change Your Life

The last skincare products I use are from the brand Andalou Naturals. I tend to have very oily skin so I went with their Clarifying products which are meant to target this type of skin. However they have products that target several different skin types, so if your skin isn’t oily just purchase one of their other lines!

This was my first time using this brand so I was only going to purchase their cleanser and moisturizer at first to see how they worked. However, I noticed on Amazon that this starting kit (in travel sizes) was cheaper than just the moisturizer alone, so I figured why not try out all 5 products at once!

That’s not to say though that this skincare line is expensive, because it definitely isn’t! But this starting kit was such a good price that I figured I might as well try it out and see how all 5 of the products work for my skin…and let me say that they work amazing!

The Skin Products That Will Change Your Life


This kit comes with a cleanser, an exfoliating peel, a pore minimizer, a moisturizer, and a recovery cream. The exfoliating peel is meant to be used 1-3 times per week, the recovery cream you use each night, and the other 3 products you use morning and night.

I’m not even lying when I say I was seeing results with these products after only 2 days. The dark marks on my skin had lightened so much, my pimples shrunk, and my skin was overall left feeling soft and FINALLY not oily!

I’ve been using this set for about 2 weeks now and I still have a good amount left. You don’t need a lot of each product to see results, so use as little as you can each time so that it can last as long as possible. There’s no doubt in my mind though that I’ll be purchasing the normal sized tube of each of these products once I run out.


Like I mentioned earlier, I am definitely not a dermatologist. I can’t tell you what and won’t work for your skin, but I can share with you what has worked wonders for mine and hope that it will work for you too!

These products are my absolute go-tos. They’re all natural, organic, cruelty-free, vegan, and have really made a huge difference in my skin. After using these my skin is clearer, softer, and I can actually go out and feel confident without wearing any makeup, and that’s all I ever wanted to do.

I purchased all of these products right off of Amazon because the prices were unbeatable, and I used Ebates too which literally pays you to shop. The original prices to begin with were extremely reasonable, but what’s better than saving some money here and there?!

Hopefully these skin products will help you achieve the clear, radiant skin you’ve been looking for just like they’ve done for me. I’ve also used a Tea Tree Oil in the past, which you can find in my Must-Have Products for the New Year post, but these products are the only ones I am currently using.

Let me know in the comments below if there are any natural and cruelty-free products you use! And be sure to click to tweet below so others can experience radiant skin as well!

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    01/26/2018 / 10:47 pm

    I should let my daughter read this. 🙂

    • briannaperry
      01/26/2018 / 11:28 pm

      My skin has always been an issue and even though I’m past puberty I still struggle with it a lot, but these products really made a difference in my skin. Definitely let her know about these products and hopefully they will help her as well! 🙂

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