Must-Have Products for a Successful New Year

Happy New Year lovelies! Now I know we’re only 4 days into the month, but I hope your year has already been kick ass and better than last year!

Products Successful Year

If you read my post Starting Off The New Year The Right Way, I hope you put my free resolutions template to good use and set some intentions and resolutions for the New Year. I set some resolutions for myself and so far I’m pretty happy with how I’ve been sticking to them. A few of my resolutions include:

  • Practice yoga & meditation daily in order to connect with my inner being on a deeper level.
  • Switch to strictly using natural & organic products to nourish my body the way it deserves.
  • Love myself fully & completely and understand it’s perfectly okay not to be perfect.

Just like I suggested to you guys I wrote these intentions down on my template, printed it out, and hung it up on my wall. I truly believe that if you write down your resolutions and look at them on a daily basis, you’re much more likely to stick to them. So that’s exactly what I’m doing and what I hope you guys are doing too!

Now, let’s get back on track. There are a few products out there that I swear by. Whether its skincare products, my favorite books, or products that are beneficial to your overall wellbeing, I’d like to gather together a few products that hold a lot of value in my life and share them with you!

Carrying on the theme of starting the new year on a healthy and positive note, here are some of my favorite products that I would absolutely consider must-haves for 2018!

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Yoga Mat Bag

Must-Have Products For The New Year

So, if you read my New Year’s post (you can check it out here if you haven’t yet!) you’d know that one of my resolutions is to practice yoga on a daily basis (I also brushed upon this a bit earlier in this post)

A few years back I received a yoga mat for my birthday but sadly I didn’t get much use out of it. Well, I finally put that to an end and I vow that this year that mat will be used so much it’ll get sick of me.

So, anyways, since I did take that step towards practicing yoga more often, and I finally signed up for a yoga membership, I decided, naturally, I’m going to need some more yoga accessories (thank you Christmas money!)

I wound up buying myself this really cute yoga bag off of amazon for a super cheap price and I absolutely love it! It has 3 pockets, 1 that zips and 2 that snap, so it’s perfect for storing extra things such as your wallet or your phone if you’re heading off to a yoga class. I also really love the pattern. It’s super colorful with a bunch of mandalas and a paisley sort of pattern, and I’ve gotten so many compliments on it after only having it for one week.

If you also made the resolution of practicing yoga more, and especially if you signed up for a yoga membership, you’re definitely going to want a bag for your yoga mat. It makes it much easier to carry your mat, gives you a place to store extra items, and, let’s face it, we all get much more excited to workout when we have cute new workout gear!

Yoga Block

Must-Have Products For The New Year

Another thing I purchased to step up my yoga game was a yoga block. Before I signed up for a yoga membership, and still sometimes in between yoga classes, I watched yoga videos on YouTube, and some poses require a block.

However, even if the poses don’t require a block, or you don’t even practice yoga, yoga blocks definitely help you achieve a deeper stretch – so they’re a small investment that hold a lot of worth.

What’s really great about them is that it doesn’t matter what block you get so you don’t have to be too picky. They’re all similar and work the same way so it’s not like certain brands will be better than others – it’s really up to your own personal preference!

I got one that has a really cute mandala pattern on it because, as you can tell by my yoga bag, I’m a big fan of mandalas, but they’re really all basically the same. If you’re going to be practicing yoga like I am, I definitely think a block is something worth purchasing! They’re not expensive at all and they make your practice that much better.

Essential Oil Diffuser

I received an essential oil diffuser for Must-Have Products For The New YearChristmas this year which I raved about in My Favorite Things | Christmas Gifts post for very good reasons. This thing is seriously one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received. I can honestly say it’s been on almost non-stop since Christmas day and I don’t plan on changing that any time soon.

As of now I only have two essential oils because I can’t keep them longer for about a week (hello, essential oil obsession), and I also cannot make a decision on which ones to buy from The Green Life because there’s too many to choose from.

Either way the two oils I have now I love – one aids in breathing and one helps to relax you and dissolve any stress you feel lingering around.

This diffuser has been a very valuable sidekick to my yoga and meditation practice, and even just an awesome thing to have in my room when I’m trying to unwind and relax.

I highly recommend you purchase one if you don’t already have one – it’s the perfect way to start your new year off on a positive note and it makes your room smell amazing.

Mario Badescu Rosewater Facial Spray

Must-Have Products For The New Year

Now, onto the skincare. I’m not going to lie, my skin is definitely not perfect. I’ve struggled with it a lot over the years and even though it’s not as clear as I’d like it to be, it’s definitely much better than it used to be.

I definitely have a few secret weapons when it comes to keeping my skin clear and I’m excited to show you which ones have helped me along the way!

One product I swear by is Mario Badescu’s Facial Spray, which is a mix of aloe, herbs, and rosewater. I honestly must spritz this stuff on my face at least 10 times a day because I just love it so much. It makes my face smell amazing, feel refreshed, and definitely has helped to keep any acne and pimples at bay.

I’ve done a lot of skincare research and constantly saw people raving about Mario Badescu’s skincare line, so I knew I had to try it out myself and I definitely was not disappointed. Seriously, if you want to smell like roses all day (which I’m not sure why you wouldn’t want to) this is definitely a product you don’t want to skip.

What’s also great about this brand is that it’s not this crazy expensive high-end skincare brand like so many skincare lines are. It’s super affordable but gets the job done, you definitely won’t regret purchasing it!

Witch Hazel Toner

Must Have Products New Year

Another product you’re going to want to invest in to see your skin thrive is a toner. I kept the rose theme going on this one and about a year or so ago purchased this Witch Hazel toner with rose petal.

This product is another one that smells absolutely delicious and that has definitely made a noticeable difference in my skin.

I use this toner morning and night after washing my face and have had no complaints. I’ve heard witch hazel is a great natural toner rather than using one that’s packed with tons of gross chemicals so, considering my face is sensitive and doesn’t seem to like your everyday drugstore products, I was immediately drawn to this one.

Toner is super important for vibrant, glowing, and an even skin tone, so you’re definitely going to want to get your hands on this baby. It’s a very reasonable price that won’t break the bank so even when you find yourself running out of it for using it so much you won’t feel guilty about buying 5 more bottles of this stuff (which will most likely happen!)

Tea Tree Oil

Must Have Products New Year

Last but not least when it comes to the skincare is this tea tree oil. I purchased The Body Shop brand because I know that their products are natural and 100% vegan and cruelty free and that for me is a huge plus.

I’ve been wanting to try more of The Body Shop’s products because I love this one so much but I haven’t gotten around to it, so if any of you guys have tried any of their products definitely let me know!

So, back to this tea tree oil. I’ve heard that it’s very good at clearing up acne and blemishes so I really wanted to give it a try. Well, I was definitely not disappointed. The smell is a bit strong and intense, but I actually love the way it smells so it doesn’t bother me at all. I apply it with a cotton ball each night and only after a week of using it I was already seeing a difference.

When it comes to skin care it’s super important that you know what type of skin you have and what sort of products will complement it the best. It’s all about trial and error, so don’t feel bad if something that works for your best friend doesn’t work for you and also don’t sweat it if your skin isn’t perfect. The more you love and take care of your skin, the more it will love you. So make sure you’re using products that are good for your skin and drink lots and lots of water!

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Must Have Products New Year

I bought this Himalayan salt lamp a few years back honestly because I thought it was cool – that was it. It wasn’t until fairly recently that I realized how beneficial these lamps are for your health and overall wellbeing, and since stumbling upon that knowledge I’ve had this baby turned on almost 24/7.

If you want to read about all the benefits in full detail then click here, but just to give you a quick overview, salt lamps are believed to be good for:

  • Neutralizing electromagnetic radiation
  • Purifying the air
  • Reducing asthma and allergy symptoms
  • Improving breathing
  • Increasing energy levels
  • Helping you sleep better
  • Reducing stress

Now really, who would’ve thought a simple lamp could be that beneficial to your health?! I honestly had no idea, but after reading that I told my mom, my sister, my boyfriend, and basically everyone else I know that they should go purchase one of these lamps – and now I’m telling you!

We all want 2018 to be a year of little to no stress, a healthier mind, body, and spirit, and an increased level of drive to get things done, and I personally think investing in a salt lamp is absolutely worth it (don’t worry, it’s a small investment!).

Note to Self – Connor Franta

Must Have Products New Year

Now for one of my favorite things – books. In my Christmas gift post I mentioned how I’m a huge fan of poetry, and I even write a bit of poetry myself. With that being said, I’m a huge fan of Connor Franta’s Note to Self.

I bought this book a few months back on one of my many trips to Barnes & Noble that normally end up with me spending about two hours and two hundred dollars in that store – but I’m completely okay with that.

I’ll admit I’m definitely one of those people that judges a book by its cover, and I absolutely loved this cover. I mean come on, pink, flowers, and a pretty font – not many things are better than that. Plus the inside cover has this beautiful, blue paisley-ish pattern, the book was dedicated to himself, it was filled with beautiful photographs – I could seriously go on and on about everything that drew me towards it.

As for the writing itself, I immediately fell in love. It was a mixture of poems and short essays and that’s something I truly resonated with because his writing reminded me a lot of my own. I finished the book in one day and will read it a thousand times more.

If you love poetry I definitely recommend this book, and if you don’t love poetry I still recommend this book. It’s too good to miss out on and it’s the perfect way to gain inspiration for your own writing if you’re a writer yourself.

Lolita – Vladimir Nabokov

Products Successful Year

Now this book is a bit touchy for some people, and it’s very obvious as to why that may be, but looking past the storyline of the book, it really is beautifully written.

I wanted to read this book for a while but was a bit nervous to start – it was written so many years ago and I was always nervous that I wouldn’t understand the writing.

While it’s definitely not written in a way we’re used to seeing today, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it wasn’t as scary as I initially thought it was going to be.

This book is considered a classic and I immediately could tell why. Nabokov’s writing is timeless and is worded in such a beautifully profound way – I honestly couldn’t put it down once I started it.

If you’re not a big reader to begin with I’d say that maybe this book isn’t a good match for you because of the way it’s worded, but if you’re a huge book lover like I am, definitely give this one a read.

Crosley Record Player

Products Successful Year

I know I’ve already spoken about this baby a lot, but I couldn’t leave my beloved record player out of this post for obvious reasons!

Now that I finally have a stand for this bad boy I’ve been getting tons of use out of it and I wouldn’t have it any other way (I definitely neglected it much more than it deserved in the beginning).

If you like the beauty of old, vintage items, you definitely need to get your hands on a record player – I promise you you will become obsessed with it in no time. It’s such a different experience listening to your favorite songs on vinyl rather than through a pair of earbuds, and it’s actually really fun shopping for new records regardless of the fact that you’re spending money.

This record player was one of my favorite gifts I received last year for Christmas and I’m still to this day completely in awe of its beauty. Definitely get your hands on one!

–       –       –

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! These are just a few items I own that I seriously cannot get enough of, and I hope if you purchase any of them that you fall in love just as quickly as I did.

As always, feel free to share some of your favorite items with me! Whether it’s a book, a candle (since you know my love for candles), a skincare product, or anything in between, I love getting suggestions from those around me and trying out new things!

I hope your new year is treating you lovely so far and that this year is your most successful one yet!



  1. 01/05/2018 / 7:43 pm

    I loved reading this article! Mmmm Himalayan salt!

    • briannaperry
      01/05/2018 / 8:11 pm

      Thank you for the feedback! This salt lamp seriously has been so great, I absolutely love using it. Do you have one yourself?

  2. 01/11/2018 / 10:15 pm

    My boyfriend got me a Himalayan salt lamp and I am absolutely obsessed! I want moooore. One just isn’t enough hahaha! I also have an essential oil diffuser and rosewater on my list for things to buy for myself.

    xx, Taylor (

    • briannaperry
      01/12/2018 / 3:26 pm

      How great is the lamp! I love the color of the light it gives off, it’s so soothing. And yay, that’s awesome! I promise you the oil diffuser is going to change your life, it’s so amazing. And same for the rosewater. I love how yummy it makes my skin smell. It definitely makes me feel like a million bucks. Let me know how you like the two of them once you purchase them!

  3. 03/16/2018 / 5:59 pm

    You had me at books. Then, a record player! Love.

    • 03/18/2018 / 1:31 pm

      I’m a huuuuge bookworm, so I couldn’t leave those babies out! And yes, the record player has become my prized possession…I love it!

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