Going Green: My New Plant Babies

With the beginning of spring blessing us with her presence, I’ve been itching to liven up my bedroom. We’ve all seen those Instagram photos of those gorgeous houses filled to the brim with plants and greenery, and I wanted in.

To me, there’s something so uplifting about being surrounded by plants and nature, and I’m really not sure why I didn’t decide sooner to pick some plant babies up myself.

I headed over to my Instagram saved photos because I have about 900+ photos (I wish I was kidding…I’m not) I’ve saved of people’s homes decked out in leaves just begging to throw some inspiration at me. And with my trusty inspiration guide in hand I headed over to the store.

One plant I knew I really wanted to buy was a cactus. Yes, I’m among those who are cactus obsessed – sue me (but I’m sure you already knew about my cactus obsession from reading my Urban Outfitters post!)

Plant Babies

This might sound strange, but I think cacti are so cute. Yes, most people probably wouldn’t find them cute considering they aren’t the most easy to handle plants (in other words they prick you, haha) but I bought a little baby one and I fell in love. His name is Ollie.

What I think draws me towards cacti the most is their shape and the way they just stand out in nature. I may not have ever made it over to a desert or someplace where I can see these babies living in the wild, but that’s what photos and Planet Earth are for, right?

And, though I’ve never been, I have a strong love for the desert. I’ve formed this idea of it in my head from photos and videos I’ve seen of it and it’s a love affair I can’t seem to get over. So having a cactus in my home was an obvious choice.

After picking out my cactus I headed over towards the other succulents because no plant shopping trip would be complete without them (and, being a plant newbie and all, I wanted to make sure a majority of the plants I bought were ones that are easy to take care of while I get the hang of being a plant mama.)

I wound up finding this really cute wooden box that came with 3 succulents already in it, and though I browsed around a bit more, I kept coming back to this one. It must have been love at first sight.

I mixed and matched some succulents from other wooden boxes so that I’d have 3 succulents I really liked, so it was kind of like I created this thing by myself! (Come on, give me the credit!)

Plant Babies

The thing is though, not only do succulents add the perfect amount of greenery to your decor, but there are also a ton of health benefits that come along with having succulents in your home! Some benefits include:

  • They Help You Breathe

Rather than producing oxygen during photosynthesis and carbon dioxide during the night like most plants, succulents continue to produce oxygen all through the night. This helps give your room an extra boost of fresh air that will help you get a better night’s rest!

  • They Purify the Air

Succulents are great plants for cleansing the air in your home and removing toxins, especially in rooms that have rugs rather than tile or hardwood floor.

  • They Help Prevent Diseases and Aid in Quicker Recovery

The more plants you have in your home, the better you can improve the humidity in your home. This in turn can help prevent dry skin, colds, sore throats, dry cough, headaches, fever, and flu-like symptoms.

So naturally after reading all the amazing benefits of having succulents in your home, I began to look at my purchase of these as something more like investing in my health rather than spending tons of money on plants to make my room look cute!!! It’s a win, win!

And, last but certainly not least in my plant purchase, is this cute plant. I’m going to be 100% honest with you, I don’t even know what type of plant this is. So, if there are any plant experts out there and you’d like

Plant Babies

to let me in on the secret, feel free to reach out to me haha! All it says on the little plastic tab that was stuck in the soil is “Low Light Houseplant.”

I thought it was a type of fern and then I googled it, saw some pictures of ferns, and realized that I think I’m incredibly wrong.

Either way, I love this one.

And, lucky me, I wound up finding this flower pot that it fits perfectly in right in the dollar section at my favorite store in the world, Target!

The care instructions for this one say “avoid overwatering,” “fertilize monthly,” and, “easy to grow,” so I knew me and this baby were a match made in heaven!!!

I can’t wait to pick up some more green babies once I get the hang of this whole new plant mom thing. I probably won’t stop until my room looks like a jungle, but like I said, it’s all for being healthy, right?

Do you have any houseplants in your home? Let me know in the comments below if you do and what types they are…like I said I’m already looking forward to picking up a few more to add to my collection.

And if you happen to know what type of plant that is in the green pot, I’d love to be enlightened 🙂



  1. 04/06/2018 / 3:08 am

    I’m recently going through a mind, soul and body cleanse – I’m majorly stressed with work and life in general. I suffer from anxiety so some of the points you’ve included here from having plants in your room (which I love the idea of anyway) will really help me calm down, breathe and freshen my living space. Thanks

    • 04/06/2018 / 5:13 pm

      Hi Kate, I’m so sorry to hear you suffer from anxiety…it’s definitely not a fun thing to deal with. But I’m so in love with the idea of doing a full cleanse like that! That’s so amazing. I hope introducing plants into your home helps you out and makes it easier to deal with your anxious thoughts and feelings and maybe even erase them completely!!! Have you ever tried essential oils? I swear by them, they help me out tremendously!

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