The NYC Brunch Spot You Must Try

If you’re a millennial like me you know brunch is a hot topic. Countless weekends are spent finally being able to sleep in and then making your appearance in the public around 12pm for bottomless mimosas. Really, what’s better than that?

If you live in or around NYC you’re in total luck. The big apple is literally filled to the brim with some of the yummiest (and most Instagram-worthy) brunch spots. One of my favorites is called Friedmans Lunch and can be found in Chelsea Market.

Chelsea Market is one of my favorite food markets in NYC. It has more than 35 vendors where you can purchase anything from wine to seasoned nuts and veggies to chocolate. Seriously, this place is like heaven (and it smells like it too). Plus the area around it is beautiful and you’re literally steps from the high line, which you know I had to stop at after filling up my belly.

Favorite NYC Brunch Spots

Going to brunch was a spontaneous plan made by my boyfriend (because spontaneity keeps the relationship alive!). We’re a short 45-minute train ride to New York City so thankfully we have the ability to hop on a train to the city pretty much whenever we want to (what responsibilities?).

I put on my favorite pair of faux leather ankle booties, cozied up with a few layers, and my boyfriend and his best friend picked me up to head over to the train.

Favorite NYC Brunch Spots

Chelsea Market is about a 25ish minute walk from Penn so it definitely is walking distance (I’ve done it before). However it was pretty cold out so we decided to take a short $6.50 taxi ride over there. You can also take the subway, but since the taxi ride was going to be so short and we knew it would be cheap we figured that would be the quickest and easiest way.

Immediately walking into Chelsea Market will absolutely make you hungry. The smells surrounding you in that place are overpowering in the most delicious way, so I highly suggest you only come here if you’re okay with spending money on some food – you’d be crazy not to!

Chelsea Market is also one of the prettiest places I’ve ever been in. With brick walls and a finished concrete floor it gives you an industrial/warehouse type feel, and I absolutely love everything about it.

P.S. check out my boyfriend posing for this photo in the black jacket – he’s so weird!

Favorite NYC Brunch Spots

On our walk over to Friedmans, which is on the main floor of Chelsea Market, we passed this adorable little flower stand – so you know I had to take a quick picture of it. I also had to be pulled away from it by my boyfriend because I’m pretty sure brunch would have been over by the time I picked out all the flowers I wanted. Whoops!

Favorite NYC Brunch Spots Favorite NYC Brunch Spots

We made it to Friedmans at the perfect time and were sat immediately at this cute little table. On one side of the table was a chair and then there was an L-shaped bench on the other side so 3 of us were able to sit comfortably.

And I have to tell you about the wallpaper. I did get a picture of it on my Instagram story but somehow forgot to save it (so sad, I know) so you’ll have to use your imagination if you didn’t catch it in the 24 hours it was up on my story.

Just think: dogs everywhere! It was tan and was filled with thousands of sketches of dogs and I just immediately fell in love because honestly, who wouldn’t?! Definitely an Instagram-worthy wall, perfect for if you choose your eating establishments based on how they’ll look on Instagram – admit it, I know you do that.

Favorite NYC Brunch Spots

For brunch I ordered the avocado toast and granola with fresh berries, and all I have to say is wow.

First of all, I’ve never seen avocado toast on bread so thick. I’m pretty sure it was sourdough bread and it was topped with avocado, chili flakes, hemp seeds, and a poached egg which I took off and gave to my boyfriend because I don’t like eggs.

I squeezed a bit of lemon on it and it was absolutely delicious. Avocado toast is one of my biggest weaknesses, and this toast did not disappoint.

The granola was equally as tasty. It was topped with strawberries and blackberries (two of my favorite fruits) and the granola itself was so delicious.

The only thing I’d have to say about these dishes is that they were bigger than I expected, so with a few mimosas in my belly I wasn’t able to completely finish both of them. I’m a small girl though so maybe I’m not the best one to listen to when it comes to talking about portion sizes haha. I will say my boyfriend ordered steak and eggs which he completely ate along with my leftovers. So hey, if you’re hungry definitely order both!

The prices were extremely reasonable – this was definitely not some upscale restaurant you can barely afford – and that was definitely a huge plus for us.

Favorite NYC Brunch Spots Favorite NYC Brunch Spots Favorite NYC Brunch Spots

Towards the end of brunch we could see that a bit of a wait was starting to form outside the restaurant, so we definitely got there at the perfect timing. We finished up and decided to walk around a bit inside the market.

We came across this room that was filled with tons of little shops – some of the cutest ones I’ve ever seen. Of course I went straight over to the ones that sold jewelry, and I almost walked away with a $60 opal necklace – opals being another one of my many weaknesses.

What I did end up with though was a Bob Marley record that I bought for only $10! Definitely a bargain. I probably would have spent much more money on records but I didn’t want to hold us up.

Favorite NYC Brunch Spots

We left the market (after snapping a picture of this pretty tile floor) and headed over to the High Line. We didn’t stay long because it was super chilly out, but we wanted to see the water for a bit.

For those of you who don’t know, the High Line is basically what’s left of an old railroad track. It’s a long stretch of raised platform that you can walk down. It’s lined with seats for you to sit and relax on, and has the most beautiful views of the water and the city.

The High Line is definitely at its prettiest in the warmer months as tons of flowers will be blooming up there and it also fills up with cute little shops and ice pop stands, but it’s still pretty in the colder months too. I definitely recommend taking a trip here if you haven’t before!


Though I didn’t get any pictures of it, I added a widget so you can shop the outfit I wore. I always try to look my best when I go into the city because the fashion there is out of this world (I even did an entire post on city-inspired outfits as well as winter work outfits – all inspired by my walks down 7th Ave on my way to and from work!)

Are you planning a brunch soon? Because if you are, you definitely have to check out Friedmans Lunch!

I hope this post inspired you to take a trip to New York City to enjoy a tasty brunch filled with lots of mimosas. Let me know in the comments below what some of your favorite brunch spots are, and make sure you follow me on Instagram so you can get inside looks the next time I check out one of New York City’s many tasty stops.


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