So, what’s there to know about me?

I’m Brianna, a twenty-two-year-old New York native and the face behind Reese & Harper. I’m a current part-time blogger and full-time hardworker amongst the New York City hustle and bustle.

Reese & Harper was created in November of 2017 when I decided it was time to delve head first into the blogging world and blossom my love of writing. I’m an owner of countless diaries and an overflowing mind, so starting a blog was inevitable. This site serves as my creative outlet to share my journey and what’s inspiring me at the moment.

This blog includes everything and anything that you would consider relevant to your average twenty-something girl. It’s a place for inspiration, motivation, and to get lost among my words and thoughts, and I really, really hope you love it!

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I hope you enjoy reading Reese & Harper as much as I enjoy writing it!

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